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Free Weights Re-Invented

Imagined and designed by a woman that wanted a better system and a quicker way to do free weight training.

  • Clip Free, Clamp Free, Collar Free
  • Free of Hesitation and Hassle
  • Weights Simply Zip On and Squeeze Off
  • More Time to Workout
  • Patented Technology Matched with Beautiful Design
  • Unique Shape Allows for Slim and Easy Vertical Storage
  • Cutting Edge, Entertaining, Safe and Effective Workout Programs

Our Team

Mary Ellen Bowman

Registered Nurse/Northwestern University/Memorial Hospital.
American Council on Exercise.
Certified fitness instructor.
25 years in the fitness industry.
Physical Mind certified Pilates instructor.
Creator/Inventor of ZIPWEIGHTS.
Conceived of ZIPWEIGHTS while teaching group barbell weight training classes.
Frustrated with the cumbersome time consuming struggle to change weights with current barbell systems.
Working with her industrial designer husband they designed an attractive user friendly weight training system that loads and unloads in an instant without the use of clamps.
Awarded United States Utility Patent.
Hailed by design websites as an innovative and unique design.

Vincent Bowman

Award winning Industrial Designer holding over 50 patents.
30 years designing products and packaging for Fortune 500 companies.
Expert in manufacturing processes and sustainability strategies.
Specialized in beautifying, enhancing and simplifying the consumer experience with products and packaging.

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Our vision is to see our revolutionary weight training products in the hands of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.